Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hyperfocus, and Transitioning

This doesn't exactly belong on here -- but it does in a way. I mentioned hyperfocus a few posts ago, and now I wanted to mention a related problem -- transitioning.

This site describes an ADD characteristic this way :

The student finds it difficult to "sustain attention, effort and persistence, or the student becomes so focused on a task they find it difficult to change activity when asked.

Assistance through transitions to and from the classroom, and from one activity to another. Set up routines and use them consistently. Alert the student to transitions coming up a few minutes before the instruction to change is given.
Of course, this is very school-y. However, the principle may be helpful. I notice that the corollary to my tendency to hyperfocus is a difficulty in moving on. This happens in all areas of life, but particularly in areas where I am focusing mentally. No doubt that I have to work so hard to get into the focused state, that I get locked in and have trouble moving out again.

So in future I'm going to try to plan a transition stage ahead of time. When I used to have to go to the hospital every week when I was pregnant with Paddy, I would plan a few moments after I had just gotten home, to potter around and get back in touch with the house and kids. I do this whenever we go to town, actually, because I get car-sick and it's difficult to simply resume normal activities.

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