Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Thought....

I wanted to write down before it goes out of my mind again.

I am realizing that where I often come up short during the school year is in METHOD, not so much material. Habits, not so much assignments.

I could take the amount of books I have now for Kieron and make 2 or 3 years work out of it -- with a few books and art supplies thrown in. So really, we're pretty much set for that, if I really stop to think about it.

Where we seem to falter and lose stride is with variety. I've tried different ways of dealing with it through the years -- last year I even had a deck of index cards and shuffled through every week and pulled out a pile of activity ideas. It worked pretty well!

But those were provisional solutions.

Maybe preparing more intentionally for the times when the normal routine isn't working would help me more than planning out book lists and chapters.

I would like more richness, not just more clutter of "to-dos". More learning seeds planted and more rhythms established, not just more assignments and work-lists.

Another balance to keep in mind!

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