Saturday, March 15, 2008

Year 9 Reading Checklist

I am planning Sean's reading in a slightly different way than I did at the beginning of the term.

I uploaded the most recent reading checklist as a doc.

I found a good organizational strategy that is working for now. Sean wasn't getting through some of his books as fast as I wanted him to, so I wrote out page numbers by week (as you can see from the doc) and then cut out the individual columns so that he could use them as bookmarks for the books they referred to. When I did this, it actually seemed to prompt him to get through the books faster than I had him scheduled. When he finishes a book in one subject, I give him a couple of days to a week's break and then start him reading the next book on the list.

I would like to upload a list of all the books I had planned for the boys this year, but the actual process of choosing the books is so fluid I don't have it laid out. I usually list (or simply stack in a pile) a whole bunch of books I want them to possibly get to, but I choose the actual book by my judgement of where they are and what they need at that time. Does that make sense?

I'm trying to keep the lists partly so that at the end of the year I can list the books they read in retrospective. But it's hard to lay it out ahead of time.

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