Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hundreds Chart for Early Math

I uploaded a colored Hundreds Chart (as a doc) My two little ones love these and they are helpful in learning the order of numbers. I emphasized the 10's with highlighting just to help them organize in their minds. Later there are other patterns that can be emphasized, like even numbers, odd numbers, multiples of five, and so on.

Right now, with a kindergartener and a special needs 1st grader, I am mostly working on being able to name numbers up to 100 and find where they are on the board. My kindergartener has this pretty much mastered. My first grader has devised a cute game to play with the 100's chart. He spins a top (he loves tops) and then we call out the number where it landed. He likes to do this with a map of the United States, too.

Another game we play that teaches one to one correspondence is to put pennies (or any kind of counter) on the number places. This gives him some visual and concrete reinforcement for one-to-one correspondence. This is something my other kids grasped instinctively but which has been a problem for him. He is much faster at mastering verbal, rote things like counting, than at actually grasping the concepts behind the verbal terminology.

Here is a blog that has 7 things to do with a hundred chart (and lots of other neat math activities).

My kindergartener liked this site with various interactive and printable games for 100 Day.
My 1st grader liked this Mend the Number Square game online.
I am not altogether convinced these computer games teach to a mastery level but they do seem to help with exposure level learning.

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