Tuesday, March 25, 2008

House in Order

I like this Thirty Days to a Clean House (but I hate the format)

I like this Spring Cleaning at All Things Frugal, too.

We have this week off, so I wanted to go through the house and get things in order. The problem, however, is not so much dirt as it is clutter. All the books that I bring downstairs to use for school end up in piles all over the downstairs. I suppose I really ought to decide what we are really going to use for these last 10 weeks, and bring the rest back upstairs to reshelve. That is something I am dreading a bit because it is going to Take. A. Long. Time. And involve thought, and who wants to think right now?

I will update on how it goes. Perhaps I ought to combine this house order thing with planning for next term and next year.... ahh... there's a thought.

Here are checklists from the past:
Executive Function Spreadsheet
Weekly Routine
Monthly Checklist
Seasonal Checklist

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