Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grammar, Writing Samples

This site, called Elements of Language, has a model bank of different kinds of essays for Middle School and High School. If you go to the pdf version, there is a model essay for each type and then a one-page handout giving tips for how to do that particular type of essay.

Also, if you go to this Glencoe Writer's CHoice site, there are a lot of resources including annotated models for grade levels 6-12 showing above-average, average and below-average samples of different kinds of writing.

Some 11th grade student writing with annotations, here. (It is a site devoted to working with African-American students, using some of the KISS applied grammar principles).

Some other odds and ends that came up while I was searching for something else:

Ambleside -- page on Grammar with some information about KISS Grammar and some other grammar information.

A cool chart with a timetable for schooling several children.

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