Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 90

This is Day 90! I've managed to blog our learning logs for half the entire school year. I am proud of this. I am going to continue to blog about homeschooling but I've decided to move the operations mostly over to my other blog In a Spacious Place, at least for now. It's not an easy decision -- I've been going back and forth about the pros and cons -- but the deciding factor is that I think I need to streamline operations a bit. Maintaining several blogs is nice in several ways but the truth is, it takes time I don't really have. So I am going to blog the homeschooling things over there for the foreseeable future. I'm not deleting this blog because I may want it again in future, but I'm going to let it stay inactive for at least a few months. Many Blessings, and I hope this change works out for the best! (I am having second thoughts already, but I made the decision after lots of thought so I think I can live with it)

Today Sean gets the day off because it is his birthday, but he forgot, and went ahead and did most of his work before I remembered (I was talking to Clare on the phone -- she is returning home today from her college and March for Life tour).

Kieron doesn't get the day off but because I was talking to Clare, he hasn't really started yet.


Kieron did:

  • Discovery of New Worlds (read about King Arthur)
  • Also read a section from What your 4th Grader Needs to Know -- about Germanic People on the Move, and Dark or Middle?
  • Geometry (circles)
  • A Math Drill
  • We discussed Respect for Life from the Grade 6 Faith and Life. This works better, we both agreed, than reading the text which is a bit dry in our opinion.


  1. I am behind you Willa, although I did enjoy the peeks and flow of your days here on your blog- your two, Sean and Keiron, being just ahead of my older two.

    Streamlining is so good though...

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  2. Thanks Kristie. I always think of you when I'm writing these out. It does seem like we have a similar approach and similar ages.