Thursday, December 06, 2007

Progym discussed on Writing and Living.

"I'm also pretty sold on the Progymnasmata. The writing exercises that are standard fare for every other writing program I've ever looked at (Pretend you're a reporter at the first Olympics and write a newspaper article about what you've seen.) make me want to retch.

Other writing programs also seem to have an obsession with eliminating the phrase "he said" from a child's writing forever. The child may not be able to punctuate properly, but by golly, they won't be writing "he said" anymore. Yessirreebob, when people talk they are to breathe, whisper, bellow, intone, interrogate, sigh, scream, utter, mumble, or shriek, but they better not just "say" anything."

Also Using Ancient Exercises in the Contemporary Classroom -- I've never seen this site before. This diagram is cool:

Here is the Quintilian quoted at the bottom part of the diagram.

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