Friday, December 07, 2007

Planning for Week 15

So, as the five year old gently breathes in slumber and the hail pounds on our roof, and I sit in bed with this laptop (so cool) I am thinking I ought to plan for next week. Next week starts tomorrow, on Friday; continues throughout the weekend, though we don't do any formal academics for those days; and carries through next Thursday.

Usually I just jot down page number goals for the week, but just for variety's sake I thought I would try to do it differently this time, as a narrative. Hopefully it won't be too confusing; but if it is, we can just keep doing the basic "next thing" all next week, so it won't be too bad.

I am thinking that we have two weeks left in the term, but week 16 will gradually turn more and more into games and art and cooking and informal things because Liam will be home and we will be getting into the holiday. I would like to journal!


Kieron starts chapter 8, on decimals. I want to start having him do a long division problem every day, since we skipped lightly over that chapter and it will likely come again in this chapter in some form.

Sean continues chapter 7 in Algebra. It looks like he can finish up just a bit after Liam gets home for Christmas break. So at that point I think I will do a bit of review with him and then we'll close down for the break on the 20th. Kieron's chapter on decimals will be finished at just about the same time.

That review I mentioned for Sean ought to be written out fairly so I can send it in to Kolbe.


Sean has resumed Lesson 11 in Henle. He can continue; and work on memorizing the third declension form. I am going to start Kieron on the third declension form, but go back quite a bit in the book and pick up at his easy comfort level, in order to consolidate and build confidence. Memoria Press says that it's better to go slowly, even repeating several times, than to rush through and have kids who fear and loathe the language.

I think I will use the Language Lessons to reinforce the grammar in Henle (details remain to be worked out).

Greek and Vocabulary/Spelling--

continue. Kieron is still in penmanship limbo. I was going to start him with SWR but hate to do it until the curves and lines are just a bit more fluent. Not sure exactly what to do about that. I've let the spelling tests for Sean drop. I think I need to have him do a comprehensive review of the whole lot of words; spelling and meaning; to send in to Kolbe.


Oral composition for Kieron (narration and learning to organize his thoughts in writing structure; I write down things for him).

Sean write a 3 paragraph paper from a topic of his choice, and continue notes narrations and copywork/dictation every day as the situation requires. Focus for this on writing to learn and remember. Focus for the 3 paragraph paper on structure and on expressing some sort of an argument in written form.

For me -- try to write some essays in progym form, for practice, and work on my story!!!!


Focus on Advent. Religion takes top priority this month. The Jesse Tree and story of Jesus are the main focal points. Also, the doctrine about the Incarnation. Books they are reading:

Sean-- The Life that Changed the World, Gospel of Luke.
Kieron -- The Jesse Tree, St Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Very First Christmas, sundry books from Advent shelf.

For doctrine -- Baltimore Catechism, Divinity cards, and perhaps Pocket Catechism and Baltimore Catechism explained. I had Sean copy out some of the Penny Catechism; it might be good to do this with a nicer-sounding catechism, like the St Pius X one.

I would like Sean to get up to the Incarnation in his Book of Discovery if possible. He is also continuing to read the Screwtape Letters -- not much to do with the season but he seems to be enjoying the book.

Vatican Treasures -- artwork and scripture.

I can't remember if Sean's already read the Bronze Bow?


Takes a back burner for now. A couple of times a week Sean is reading Earth Science. I'm having Kieron look up topics in the Encyclopedia. I'm trying a method of having Sean memorize a few basics to do with the Earth Science topic, and having Kieron memorize the same thing too.

Geography -- I am thinking we will bring the atlases downstairs and just look through them a page at a time.

Art, Crafts and Music -- I wanted to have a lot of that this month. Realizing that, I realize I am not making that happen. I wanted to have a quieter, slower approach to our work this month, and mingle the academics with taking care of bits and pieces of our household. Little jobs like polishing one section, etc. .... concentrating on care rather than getting a whole lot done. The art approach was supposed to echo this. Actually, it's been happening a bit but I've been feeling troubled about the slowness rather than celebrating it. Hmm, something to ponder.

Also, I'd like to have some conversations about the meaning of Advent and Christmas. I will look at the Glorious Impossible and see if that has some questions to ponder together.

I guess that is it for now since it looks like my battery is running low. Still raining hard out there!

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