Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Planning Flow Chart

Here is where I get extremely strange and post a flow chart to do with lesson planning. Honestly, I'm almost done doing this, then I will get properly into the business of just actually planning, not planning about planning (Though to be fair I've actually been really planning alongside all this meta-executive-function strategizing, and all these forms are probably a response to the way my imagination has been flooded with Ideas -- perceiving a need to categorize them somehow)

I have gotten out of the habit of lesson planning on Thursday; I think it was during these extremely busy past four weeks that I let this slip, and never picked it up again. Anyway, this is to remind myself of how to go about this.

Visuals help my right brained mind, particularly if they are colorful.

I notice it is a bit like the Getting Things Done flow chart:

I blogged about that a bit over here. Just in case anyone else reading this has a Very Interesting, even Convoluted, Brain like mine. (By the way, when I read Mother Auma's post on her husband's and her personality styles, I was curious enough to google and find this Basic Personality questionnaire (pdf) and fill it out to find I was between a Directing Thinker and a Socializing Thinker -- no big surprise there I guess).

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