Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Day One

During the break I think this blog will be a place to write down notes about what to revise and improve for the New Year. Also, I will try to pay more attention to what my kids are doing informally, and support them in that. I know I always say that. It's an ongoing conversion. It is fighting against nature. By nature I am very self-absorbed.

Hey! Habits are ongoing conversions. I wonder if that carries through -- I will have to think about that today. You would have to define habits the way Charlotte Mason does, not just as your default mode. Hmm.

Focusing too much on the teaching, rather than the learning, can be an ego-trip. Charlotte Mason says that, in a much nicer way.

I am thinking I am getting a bit away from focusing on learning, so I'm glad for the time to think and re-evaluate.

Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day. A short chronological list:

Kevin and I drove down with Liam to the dentist. I did some Christmas shopping; because it was still before 10 am the store was almost empty.

The kids watched Ratatouille (they were babysitting Paddy).

Brendan and I had a long philosophical discussion about art (that was actually the evening before). Liam and I had a long philosophical discussion about government. We talked about our stories too.

I "did school" with Aidan which for him means sitting down with the Algebra book while he lectures me and questions "Is X plus 3 positive or negative?" and things like that. He is fascinated with the Algebra.

We decorated the tree and put on the lights (mostly the three younger ones and me).

Kevin took Sean to a sort of football training clinic that his uncles were running down in town. They did a bit of Christmas shopping and got some groceries.

I shovelled the deck for a loooong time (we've gotten lots of snow) while the three younger ones sledded.

I played SET with Liam and Kieron and the little ones. Then I played Mystery of the Abbey with Kieron and Paddy. Kieron won.

Liam played the classical guitar and Clare played the violin. She is practicing the Adagio in G Minor by Albinoni. They worked on their stories. Everyone likes my laptop. I have made it a game-free zone but Clare likes to listen to youtube music on it and Liam likes to write and program on it. Liam's work laptop was supposed to come yesterday but it snowed so much no delivery truck could get to our area.

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