Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 67

I spent the morning working with Sean, plus getting into a discussion with the teens about the role of literature in education; meanwhile, Kieron played with the little ones. So I'll write out what Sean DID and then what Kieron still is to do.


--Prayer-- didn't get to it -- I need to collect some kind of a prayer book or something to have handy.
  1. Greek
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Math -- he did the summary and review of Jacob's Chapter 6. That means that tomorrow he gets the day off. Pretty soon I am going to get all the algebra Test Masters up till now and have him do some review and then a couple of tests to send to Kolbe since his first quarter is pretty much over.
  4. Latin -- exercise 34 (first half) plus some vocabulary drill and warm-up declension exercises. He seems to be doing much better after those 3 weeks of review.
  5. Memory -- order of planets in Solar System (I gave him the list to work on)
  6. Chores -- tidy room, normal mealtime jobs.
  7. Reading -- he wanted to read Screwtape Letters. I also gave him a book to read about Jesus's Life (I forget the title of the book; oh well, I'll type it tomorrow). He did a notes narration from it. I asked him some catechism questions about Jesus's life and he did very well.
  8. Narration or Notes -- on Roman World at time of Incarnation. Also we discussed the simple clergyman at the preface of Screwtape who wonders that the advice in the book seems almost "diabolical" (LOL).
  9. Free Reading
  10. Outside or Exercise -- he is going to practice with his Dad later.

Kieron has to do:

  • Math -- review chapter, then practice writing numbers
  • WRiting -- practice writing curves
  • Reading -- The First Christmas, and Faith and Life Christmas Supplement
  • Latin
  • Greek
  • Memory: Order of Planets
  • Science: Look up Planets in the Encyclopedia
  • Free Reading: Book of Dragons ( he already narrated from it yesterday so we have narration covered unless he wants to talk some more)
  • Optional art project -- drawing dragons, or dying coffee filters (if we get to it)
The little ones have mostly just been playing. Aidan played pretend birthday games (today is Paddy's birthday and Aidan is very excited about it).

Aidan has some GI issue going on -- he doesn't seem sick but he has been a bit restless. The OT did craniosacral work with him yesterday; also, with Kieron. (She recommended focusing on writing curves and up to down lines to retrain his motor memory so that is what we are going to do).


Kieron did the math, Greek, and handwriting, but we did not get to the reading. He did help me wrap Paddy's presents, and has finished Book of Dragons.

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