Monday, December 03, 2007

Day 66

Today was a hectic but productive day. I think it helps that we don't have any afternoon appointments in town this week. We have several evening events and several appointments closer to the house, but those don't take such a big piece out of the day.


  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Algebra -- chapter 6 lesson 6
  • Screwtape Letters -- he read chapter 8 and we discussed the big picture a bit.
  • Earth Science -- read about Saturn, he did a structured narration where he found the main point of each paragraph.
  • Book of Discovery -- he read chapter X about Ptolemy but no narration.
  • Geography -- continents, and countries of North America.
  • Latin -- exercises 31-33
  • He is reading Blood Sport and the Unknown Shore for free reading.
  • Weekly jobs


  • Catechism quiz particularly facts surrounding Incarnation. We will continue doing this throughout Advent.
  • Activity Card -- 65 -- about dictionary meanings.
  • Latin -- verbal and card matching drill
  • Geography -- continents, and countries of North America.
  • Research/Science -- looked up weather in encyclopedia, but instead found Octopuses and Squids and read/narrated.
  • Wrote a couple of sentences about squids.
  • Math -- dividing mixed fractions. I tried the 3 part lesson I mentioned in my earlier post and it worked pretty well. He still struggled with the writing. I will have to cut down even more on that.
  • Weekly jobs.

Aidan and Paddy

They both went to town on their activity cards.
  • HWT letterforms (Aidan)
  • matching words and pictures (pink cards)
  • word-building (Paddy)
  • simple addition with ladybug cards (Paddy) -- Kieron got involved in this too and we even got to simple multiplication.
  • matching Christmas cards (I brought a bunch of old Christmas cards downstairs planning to make some kind of Advent Box, but Aidan got a jumpstart on the idea by transferring his favorite matching activity to the duplicate cards -- hooray for natural learning!)
  • writing letters and using ruler (Aidan)
Our day will continue to be lively this afternoon, with an occupational therapist visit scheduled, and a trip to the local store and library, and Paddy's birthday preparations. I wrote a list of things I want to get to this afternoon, since we actually HAVE an afternoon today (can you tell how much nicer things are on the days we don't have to drive over 100 miles???)

Here is the checklist I gave Sean, which he seemed to appreciate following (he always likes to have it specified what he is going to do; I'm going to make it into a form later but for right now I'll simply type it out:

  1. Greek
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Math
  4. Latin
  5. Memory
  6. Chores
  7. Reading
  8. Narration or Notes
  9. Free Reading
  10. Outside or Exercise (he alternates weight lifting with bike riding/jumproping/passing the football with his Dad)

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