Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Winter TErm Gathering Snowflakes

I really wanted to try a lapbook sometime this year. The Homeschool E-store has a free What is Snow? lapbook out, suitable for grades 3-6. Easy stuff for Kieron, but he might have fun. He and the little ones had a ton of fun cutting out snowflakes last year. A simple thing, but the sort of thing I often get in too much of a hurry to do.

As usual, Real Learning has a wonderful compilation of resources on a thread about Snowflakes.

On the Advent front, there is Elizabeth's Advent and Christmas unit.

I found this Catholic Mosaic supplement booklist by Lara Muse over at Amazon.

We have any amount of books around about weather, and about Alaska (grandparents live there) as extensions. So Science and Geography will come in easily.

Of course, any amount of Christmas books too. This year, I have the Jesse Tree book by Geraldine MacCaughrean which I wanted to focus on with Kieron, along with a Jesse Tree. Also, the Madeleine L'Engle book with Giotto paintings as illustrations.

We have glitter paint and sculpey. What more could you need?

About the snow lapbook: I looked at the pages last night and finally, finally "got it" a bit, what the lapbook thing is about. It is embarrassing to admit -- I've been reading about them for absolutely YEARS and haven't been able to make any sense of them. I can be awfully dense. I think it must be some personal disconnect between cognition and action.

If I'm correct about almost grasping it, I can go through this one with Kieron and then I'll have the personal "tools" to try my hand at designing one. Maybe not right away, but sometime.

Why do I want to be able to do one? Honestly, the minit books and everything are cute, but that's not the main reason. But it's always seemed like a good review/interaction thing.

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