Sunday, November 11, 2007

Two Weeks Forecast

After putting together my calendar for the next two weeks, I realize that we only have ONE at-home morning before Thanksgiving. All the other days are taken up by traveling and by dental or medical appointments. Yes, that is life right now. Sean doesn't have ANY at home days before the vacation. Our family is not known for our ability to homeschool seriously in the afternoons. So we will have to do things "unseriously" -- in bits and pieces.

With that in mind, I think my supposed exam/review two weeks are going to be telescoped considerably -- alas for the best-laid plans of mice, and men.

What I am going to do, I think, is spend a day per subject on review and closure-type activities. This MAY involve CM-type "exams" or reviews. It could also be a matter of pulling together some similitude of a lapbook or notebook -- something I really wanted to try to do, and the erratic rhythm of next week may lend itself to scattered mini-books and/or notebook pages. Since I have only Kieron and the littlies next week, I may spotlight some areas that Kieron, particularly, may need work on.

I've discovered in the past that if I plan a week of review and then don't plan out specifics, I end up with a week of nothing. So I am going to try to plan out specific content to go over. Plus, at the same time it will be easy to lay out next term's work.

After Thanksgiving, we will start Term 2. I was thinking that this put me a bit behind my Year's Schedule, but I see that I thoughtfully provided a Catch Up Week so actually I will start Term 2 right where I had planned to. Hooray!

So, for the next couple of weeks I probably won't be doing the customary daily learning notes. Instead, I'll be posting by subject, trying to sum up what's been done and what is planned for next term.

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