Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Travel Learning

We are back from our trip north.

Among the things the kids did (I wrote some of it down so I wouldn't forget but I probably forgot lots anyway):

  • A "reading" of a Little Women script with her friends (where everyone had a part) and then practice, plus watching the movie. This was Clare -- Sean wasn't comfortable having a part, I understand.
  • A loong long nature walk ("to the meadow and then up the mountain") -- the older boys. I say nature walk but it was probably something more like a medieval or pioneer adventure since they all took their wooden swords and lances and I hear that "bears" got mixed up in it somewhere.
  • Two tea parties -- one at a friend's house, where I got to chat with TWO homeschooling moms (not a common event around here), see her preschool learning room. For mother nurture, we three sat and looked at Advent resources and discussed our plans for Advent.
  • For the second tea party, someone came over and taught the girls some more swing dance steps and then they did the reading mentioned above.
  • They planned out their production of The Importance of Being Earnest that they want to do with Liam this summer.
  • NOW -- as for the little boys, Paddy and the little boy of our friends played constantly for the whole duration of the visit. Paddy's reached the stage where he can do that interactive imaginary play with another person involved. They both did really well not "imposing" their view of the game on the other child. I heard Paddy try it once and his friend, who is about a year older, trying to explain patiently why it wasn't fair to do things that way.
  • Aidan isn't much into interactive play so far. He mostly played with a marble run, which fascinated him endlessly. He also campaigned ceaselessly to go outside (but was afraid to go because of the dogs) so once or twice the older boys took him out for a while and once, I did. But it was sooo cold.
  • Lots of music and dancing and mock-fighting, and movies that they watched together.
  • Sean needed a bit of help to finish the "Away" schoolwork I gave him. But he did pretty well all things considered.
  • Kieron listened to audio Lord of the Rings and Long Patrol pretty much all the way there and back (while Clare and Sean listened to Roger Miller and a bit of Buddy Holly, and Clancy Brothers and My Fair Lady -- good thing our car is a good size, but it was still noisy!)

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