Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Second Term Plans -- Miscellaneous

Still planning:

  • According to my Year by Terms, the second term starts right after Thanksgiving, comprises Advent and Christmas, and ends just around the start of March, a bit after Ash Wednesday.
  • Here is the December liturgical year as a calendar; here as a list. January and February aren't up yet so I shall have to turn to my own resources for these.
  • I think I shall try to take these plus the family goings-on and translate them into a more detailed calendar like my Year by Terms.
  • You know, if I took some of the month's saints like Francis Xavier, Nicholas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Wenceslaus, and Thomas Becket, I could have some geography-focused mini-units or "themes" there.
  • Every time I look at the Catholic Culture overviews I think how fun it would be to draw or color some of the saints' insignias. They are so pretty. That is something to think about.
  • I have revised our Weekly Chore Rotation -- finally! (if you wonder about the pictures, it is sort of a family joke). (Here is the explanation and dinnertime routine, but that needs to be upgraded a bit too). My next home management child training project is to get a system for the littlies -- going to look at Montessori for practical life ideas.

I am just going to keep posting these little brainstorming lists as they come up -- bear with me, and eventually I'll try to put it in some sort of order.

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