Monday, November 26, 2007

Methods, Plans

This is just in note form right now; I have to fill it out a bit so it makes sense, but Aidan is up early and demanding attention so I will have to do that later.


A and I method for language arts.


  • choose a model --
  • write notes (see History, Geography ideas)


1. Read, discuss, analyze (5Ws, graphic organizers) -- focus on different parts -- sometimes find 2 retellings to compare and contract, or activate prior knowledge.

2. Start outlining story. Word analysis -- not necessarily using the model -- outside in -- apply knowledge in easy form to the model, perhaps.

3. Write the story. Sentence analysis -- grammar, usage.

4. Revise story and correct. Read other background material or do extensions.

5. Write final draft. Review of what has been learned that week.



  • One lesson every day (concept, and related problems).
  • Review (selected problems -- draw from Ray's Arithmetic, Core Knowledge, Comp Curriculum)
  • Math journal on one day -- how to do something/copywork.
  • Game or Quia occasionally.

History and Geography

  • read the text
  • choose a subject to research further
  • find locations on atlas
  • mark timeline
  • story for the progym (primary source, or retelling)
  • draw a picture of an artifact, or a diagram

Notebook for History

  • Century pages (cardstock?)
  • separate articles between century pages
  • maps, miscellaneous pages like DK/Usborne format
  • Little books (detachable)
  • Include art, science history, and some journaling/essay questions.

When I look through their books I ought to quickly make a list:
  • Persons -- Places -- Events -- Topics ---
  • then activitiy ideas, writing, discussion ideas, correlations and extensions
  • (make a template?)

  • Nomenclature Cards,
  • Minit Books,
  • Games
  • Posters or fact sheets or the equivalent

  • Decide on a topic
  • Reed a few different books -- take notes/narrations -- find overlapping information.
  • Make some review-type materials -- visuals.
  • Experiments, projects, field work.


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