Monday, November 05, 2007

Day 47


  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Henle Latin -- last day of review -- matching declensions, "sum" --
  • Geography matching cards
  • Algebra -- Summary and Review, end of chapter 5 -- we will do another day of review on this chapter and then go on.
  • Read Logic chapter 3 and answer questions -- I used the study questions to go over the main points, which were about univocal/equivocal/analogous terms. I think I need to go back over these chapters and prepare some sort of review sheet.
  • Read Mere Christianity
  • Composition -- Paper? What Paper? (I think he needs more direction than just sending him off to invent and write on his own-- well, now we know. I shall devise paper topics and strategies today as the kids have their computer time)
  • Daily and weekly jobs.


  • Greek
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling (we discussed the first few WRTR rules)
  • Latin -- matching declensions -- at present he knows them a bit better than Sean does.
  • Math -- subtracting like fractions -- easy stuff -- whew!
  • Read Faith and Life chapter 7
  • Read Discovery of New Worlds
  • Daily and Weekly Jobs (did a good job -- progress!)


  • HWT letter forms
  • wrote an H
  • Last week Aidan had a milestone -- he started drawing freehand, which he has never done before. He was SO proud!
  • Today he did several housekeeping jobs -- he loves to be involved in the workings of the house.

General Life:

  • Yesterday we drove south to see Liam at college. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a lot of fun. We played a fun question and answer game which Liam had learned at an engagement party the day before (not HIS engagement -- a couple of his classmates are engaged to be married).
  • Sean's team lost in the first playoff game, so no more football -- a bit of a relief. Sean was in a few plays in the game so it ended on a good note for him.
  • We are going to the library and market today; Clare says The SEven Samurai has come -- the older kids are big Kurosawa fans -- last week they watched the Magnificent Seven which was an American version of TSS -- also, A Bug's Life has the same storyline with obviously a different twist.

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