Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 38

Today was a bit crazy since we had a very full weekend. We went to Sean's away game, which took out most of Saturday, and then early on Sunday went down to town to go to Mass, since we had missed our local Saturday vigil mass.

Then in the afternoon we worked on Halloween costumes, which resulted in, today, a Mungojerry and a Pikachu walking around and playing.

  • Algebra -- started chapter 5.
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary
  • Latin -- we went back and reviewed the first 2 declensions. He doesn't have them automated, so I don't want to move on to the 3rd declension until he has them down better. Hmm... pondering how to get them to stick in his mind.
  • I sent him off with some reading:
  • Mere Christianity
  • Junior Classics -- a football story.

  • Greek
  • Handwriting
  • Latin -- memorizing first declension.-- this got a bit silly --putting "terra terrae terrae.." to the tune of "Tarantara" in Pirates of Penzance.
  • He is cutting out snowflakes with the little ones right now.
  • His Young Scientist's Club kit arrived so we are going to try to make rock candy.
  • We did math (converting improper fractions into mixed numbers)
  • and he read the first part of Hunters of Souls (about saints)
  • For free reading, he is rereading the OZ books (Scarecrow of Oz, most recently)
  • Also Mary Poppins
  • I read him several chapters of Snow Treasure while he rode the exercycle -- we are up to chapter 22.


  • HWT letter forms -- he can make several of the letters from "scratch" recently, which is progress.
  • The Montessori pink cards -- matching the pictures with the words. We didn't do any wordbuilding today
  • He and Paddy both did cutting with scissors -- Paddy "made houses" out of paper -- Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff : )

We went to the library, post office and market. Right now the older ones are watching The Rocketeer.

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