Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 36

Sean Progress Report

  • He is finished with chapter 4 in math, so he gets tomorrow off and starts chapter 5 next Monday
  • He is midway through Lesson 10 in Henle (using the MP syllabus)
  • He is on lesson 37 in vocabulary
  • He is midway through Lesson 15 in Greek
  • He is finishing chapter 1 in Traditional Logic.
  • He is just starting Unit 2 on Stars and Galaxies in Earth Science


  • I gave him Viking Tales by Jennie Hall and a book called Vikings: Focus (or something like that -- with a Dorling Kindersley feel to it, with 2 page spreads. I thought he could focus on Scandinavia (lectio stataria) while surveying geography through Discovery of New Worlds, plus the Geography maps and drills we are doing
  • He did some Latin vocabulary work.
  • He is up to Lesson 7 in the MP syllabus.
  • Also, we discussed Faith and Life chapter 6 (Third Commandment) using the study guide. He needs to learn to match the Holy Days of Obligation with their dates. Which means, really, I ought to be making more of a big deal of them when they come up (though we always go, of course). I am planning a lapbook for all this religion memory work.

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