Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 30!!

(By the way, I am thinking of doing things a bit more like Kolbe and saving the last ten days of the semester for review and catching-up and experimenting. That is what I am going to do on a modified scale for the rest of this week, I think. )

Today I'm going to do a chronological log, instead of by subject:

7:30 --

  • up after a troubled night -- have a cold and my jaw and lymph nodes are really hurting. What's up with that??? So of course, I had nightmares about dentists all night.
  • Exercised on the bike for 15 minutes, said part of Rosary, read to Aidan, got him something to eat.

9 am

  • Phone Calls -- the physical therapist, then the neurology clinic, then the GI clinic -- all about ongoing things with Aidan.
  • The boys woke up and all four embarked on a football game upstairs -- this was actually an agreeable symphony to my ears since it has been months since Sean has organized a sibling football game -- he must be feeling LOTS better.
  • I wrote out a list of daily assignments for my own records. I am trying to figure out a checklist for the boys so that they can be a bit more self-directed.

10 am

  • Kevin called and I talked to him for a few minutes, then caught up on some moderator stuff online.
  • Math with boys -- Sean finished up Chapter Three so that means he gets tomorrow off. Kieron worked on Prime Numbers and factor trees (which are fun)
  • Kieron did Thinking Skills -- matching topic to specific example -- one for sports and one for geography. I taught him the skill of finding the ones he's sure of in order to eliminate the possibilities, and he only got one wrong.
  • I gave a book about Vesuvius to Kieron.
  • Then I had Kieron trace the continent map from ABCs of Christian Culture. He did a good job so I let him off handwriting today since labeling the continents worked for that.
  • Meanwhile, Sean did his rehab exercises.
  • Aidan spent most of the morning going in and out of the house.
  • Brendan appeared and ate breakfast.
  • Kieron and Paddy started playing Bionicles.

11 am

  • I did Latin with Sean -- third declension now. Assigned him the task of declining a noun in writing, and we did parts of 2 exercises orally.
  • Assigned him readings in Earth Science and in Mere Christianity.
  • Since Kieron was still playing I wrote out the rest of his work: Greek, Latin match-up declensions, reading Faith and Life, reading In Search of a Homeland.
  • I gave Aidan his anti-rejection meds -- a bit late today.


  • I made a protein drink for Sean and a snack for Aidan
  • the boys are playing football again.
  • I gave Sean 2 more Heinleins since he has an appointment this afternoon and might have to kill some time.
  • I took a bath -- Aidan played with his cars.

You will notice I didn't do much with the little ones. This week I think I will have to fit their work in the late afternoon or evening.

Poor Aidan has been bored.

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