Saturday, September 22, 2007

Main Lesson Pondering

More on the Waldorf line -- Elizabeth: Little Nuggets of Wisdom. She includes a link to some samples of Main Lesson books. They're nice because they are attractive, but not so stunning I could never imagine my kids doing anything like that. And topics like Geography and Roman History are included.

Here's some more on Main Lessons.
My Waldorf Method (not mine-- someone else's!)
A sort of overview.
Here's a middle school with a Waldorf focus.

Why am I interested in this? Well, we seem to be heading towards more of a "Theme" approach in our homeschool..... so I want to visualize how it might work. I never could do unit studies per se, but I've always done well with a general umbrella theme -- not necessarily the Waldorfian ones, but some age-appropriate concept like one year, "Heroes and Saints" in 5th/6th grade..... then things can be referred in varying ways to the bigger concepts.

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