Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 24 -- Weekly Update

Here is a visual of Sean and Kieron's progress-- I'm going to try to update it at least every couple of weeks or month. Their book log is here. (I had to guess at some of the time frames for the books read -- the highlighted check marks indicate that the book is finished)

Sean, 14:

  • up to Chapter 3 Lesson 1 in Jacob's Algebra (Integers)
  • Lesson 8 in Henle (Memoria Press syllabus)
  • Page 59 in Hey Andrew Book 3
  • Lesson 24 in Stanford Vocabulary

  • He read Plutarch (Theseus) today and
  • Lamb's Midsummer Night's Dream

Kieron, 11:

  • up to Chapter 3 part 2 in MCP Math F (estimating large numbers for multiplying)
  • Lesson 5 in Henle
  • Page 57 in Hey Andrew 2 (???)
  • page 3 in Handwriting

  • I am having him look through Geography A to Z in preparation to drawing some landforms.
  • He also drew quite a bit from Tallarico -- Drawing Mythical and Magical Creatures.


  • Worked on HWT letterforms
  • HWT kindergarten book
  • 100EZ lessons
  • a bit of word-building with moveable alphabet.
  • Blew bubbles (oral motor therapy).
  • Also, yesterday I read him a couple of stories and he "narrated" one (which he does by word substitutions -- Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs a Long Time Ago becomes "Teddy bears, teddy bears a little while ago.")
I set up the easel with paper on it for trying to do some writing based on the Drawing World I linked to here, but we didn't get to it. Grandma came by for a bit.

Paddy did a bit with the moveable alphabet but mostly played with Duplos and with styrofoam swords.

The kids have their weekly jobs to do, and this afternoon is Homeschool Stations of the Cross.

So a pretty full day. Kieron is back to re-reading old Star Wars. I notice they read a burst of "good stuff" and then go back to the easier reads for a while. I remember doing rather the same thing as a child so I try to go with it and just have things prepared and assign a minimum of "good stuff" until the next surge.


  1. Looks great Willa!

    Do you like the Memoria Press guide for henle??? I would be using it with a 12 year old.

    Have a great weekend! It must be beautiful over in your neck of the woods!

  2. It is very thorough. Do you have any other Memoria Press books? It is like the others: lots of ways to review. There are nice little checkboxes, the format is very organized, and you can just give it to your student.

    At the rate MP goes it would take 30 weeks to get through the first 2 units of Henle. For a 12 year old that's probably a good rate. But if your 12 year old has gone through LC1 and 2 it would be probably too slow.

    I don't follow the syllabus very closely, but it does give me a way to track progress, some handy declension sheets, some ideas for drill, and an answer key at the back of the book. Sean is moving faster than the syllabus (he's 14) but it's just about the right speed for Kieron (almost 12).

    Bottom line -- the syllabus is nice to have around, but you could certainly manage Henle without it.

  3. Thanks Willa. I'll see if I can find it used!