Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 16 -- Monday

Because we went to see Liam yesterday and it was a very extended day (woke up at 4:30 and didn't get back until 10 pm) we had a lowkey day of school today.


  • For Sean's math, we started the new chapter which described functions and graphs (familiar to him from last year) but didn't do any of the exercises. We are ending the 3rd section of the first part of Henle -- so did a review (ex 21) which went pretty well. I made him a chart isolating the accusative cases of the first 2 declensions. Making mini-charts is an idea I got from Clare teaching Kieron. The student COULD write out his own and in fact, I will probably have him write out a set of his own for review in future lessons.
  • Then Sean did Greek and Vocabulary and Drawing.
  • Read Creator and Creation
  • I gave him an informal geography quiz/review about the continents. The younger set aren't nearly as keyed into geography as the older set were. Brendan was fascinated by maps and geography and I think that rubbed off on the siblings in his age group. Not so with the younger set, so I'm glad we're focusing on it this year.

I did something new for this year (we've done it in the past) -- gave him a written out sheet of tasks to do. It was divided into two sections: To Read and To Do. I typed it out here as a prototype for future, similar lists. I'll paste it too:

Kieron's Monday Checklist (sample)

To Read:

To Do

  • Weekly Housekeeping rotation
  • Greek
  • Latin Quia
  • Coloring -- Peterson Field Guide -- Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Calculator Math (on computer)
  • Review first chapter of Faith and Life -- for discussion on Tuesday

Events for the Day:

Go to Library and Market
Free Day? (computer time when work is finished)
Aidan's OT coming

Free Reading

Wind in the Willows
Time Navigators Series by Gilbert Morris
Tintins (the whole household has been on a Tintin revisitation)
Right now he is reading the Snake book in between playing with his Bionicles -- but with the computer and library motivator, I am confident he will make efforts to get through the list. Also, as far as life skills, he and Aidan set up a fire in the woodstove today -- that is, they arranged it, and I supervised the lighting part.

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