Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 13


  • HWT letter forms before Paddy woke up
  • Helped to make breakfast cookies -- imaginary play and life skills
  • Played with waffle blocks -- motor processing


  • Listened to My Father's Dragon and Heroes (Bible stories). Wanted to listen to them again when he woke up this morning.
  • Played with letter forms
  • Played with clay.
  • Played with piggy bank.


  • Greek
  • Latin (up to accusative case, which was a puzzler for him -- might need to do some grammar review)
  • Math (chapter test)
  • Read Once Upon a Time Saints
  • Coloring in Reptile and Ambhibian Field Guide
  • Murder on the Midnight Plane (Usborne puzzle book -- for fun thinking skills)
  • Free Reading recently: Robin Hood, Scarecrow of Oz, James and the Giant Peach
  • I assigned him the task of tidying the area around his bed -- which was discouraging to him -- so I told him to do as much as he could in five minutes, which seemed to work.

  • Algebra (order of operations with parentheses) -- he told me the doctor exempted him from exercises : ).... nice try.
  • Latin -- exercise 16 and part of 17, reviewed 2nd declension neuter.
  • Greek
  • Vocabulary lesson 12
  • Spelling test on vocabulary words -- aced it.
  • Read next section on Maps and Globes (Civ of the Past).

  • Clare is sewing; Sean, Clare and I had a funny discussion about college life.
  • Incidental current events via their father.
This afternoon, the Direct TV guys are coming, so this morning I cleaned up the relevant area. I am also doing pretty well keeping up with morning chores and staying off the computer.

This afternoon we intend to go to the library and local market, and maybe to the playground. And Sean has football practice.

I would like to start a habit of reading to Kieron in the mornings -- to solve the problem of getting through everything too fast. I remember that's how I extended things in the am with the older kids -- before we got so busy with life that I needed to cut time corners.

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