Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All Ye Heavenly Hosts, pray for us!

I like the way Faith processes her goals for the week in writing. Also, her Waldorf conference notes gave me a clearer picture of what Waldorf is about. Both of her blogs are quite inspiring to me since we tend to pick the same types of resources. ... but she is more creative and spontaneous than I am.

Also, last night I was exploring Leslie at Knotty Pine's Teacher's Room and I love her learning centers and the orderly way she approaches unit studies.... how neat!

Finally, last night when I was staying up way too late, I mean having a cyber-teacher's -inservice evening, I found a few more Classical blogs to add to my smallish classical blogroll. They are on the sidebar of my Spacious Place blog. If you know of any more, please let me know.

Every year, I informally dedicate the school year to a saint. Thinking back:

  • 2004 was dedicated to St Thomas Aquinas (my oldest son was in his senior year and applying to TAC)
  • 2005 was dedicated to St Therese of Lisieux (I read Homeschooling with Gentleness and went on an "unschooling sabbatical", trying to find a littler, more humble and personal way to homeschool).
  • 2006 was dedicated to St John of Bosco and his "discipline of the heart" -- I was trying to find a blend between unschooling and some kind of direction and focus in the homeschool.

I'm thinking of dedicating this year to St Ignatius -- or perhaps St Francis de Sales. My computer is named De Sales : ).

I think 2000 was St Ignatius, and 2001 was the Archangels.

As for Our Lady, I dedicated our whole homeschool to her way back in 1994 when we first started homeschooling and I knew, knew, KNEW that I couldn't do this without divine intervention.


  1. I have been catching up on this blog. I love the way you compile daily notes. They provide a record of what you did and also give a sense of the rhythm of your days.

  2. Oh Willa, I went to a retreat based on St. Francis de Sales spirituality and I have been so fond of him ever since.

    So I vote for him.

    Live Jesus!

  3. Maybe you're right, Faith. I love St Francis de Sales' way of thinking, and he is my second son's confirmation patron.

    Steph, so happy to see you on here!

  4. Oh, and St Francis de Sales is also the patron saint of writers, and our writing program for this year could really use some intervention ;-).

    St Francis de Sales, pray for us!