Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer Nature Notes

Sierra Highland Notes

August --
Several hot days, and more to come next week. Aidan and I walked up to the granite ridge and saw two large hawks circling above. Several visits to the lake near our house, swimming and playing in the sand.

The daddy-long-legs have come. We always find lots of them in the house in late August or early September.

June -- wildflowers everywhere, fringing the hiking trails around our forest community. Temperature warmed up to the 80's for a while but we have had a cool spell recently and have needed our wood stove again.

The Steller Jays on our porch hatched but unfortunately two of them fell victim immediately to some predator. There was a ladder next to their nest which might have been an accidental accessory to the destruction.

Influx of carpenter ants in our house. Kevin treated target outside locations with Raid and we have not seen any more.

Kieron found a spectacular, but deceased, moth -- 3 inch span and orange/brown/creamy. We think it was a moth because of its furry body and the latticework on its antennae.

May-- Sunny and warm,, in the 70's. There is a Steller Jay nesting on our deck light. Brendan saw a Douglas squirrel mama moving her babies to a new nest, and we saw the squirrel bringing some insulation from our roof down to line the nest. The lupins and dogwood trees are in bloom further down the mountain

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