Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Learning Log -- summer

No formal academics. Next week.....

Yesterday, Aidan and Paddy had a pretty good learning day though. I took Aidan on an extended nature walk -- we saw a couple of what I am pretty sure were hawks. He must have walked almost a mile, sloowly, over the course of almost an hour. Aidan, that is.

When we got back we found that Kevin, who had been shopping at Costco, had brought back a present for Aidan. ... playdough. I put the pictures here.

Today, I drove to town with Liam and Clare. We did college shopping for Liam, started building up a sewing stash for Clare, and got some semi-alone-time with these two since the older kids at home watched the little ones. We listened to Bach cantatas in the car, and discussed things like liturgical music and Harry Potter. Liam read us bits of Don Quixote.

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