Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 3


Today I made breakfast and then after getting dressed came down to find Sean already working on his schoolwork. He did Greek and Vocabulary, then told me that since he had already finished reading Out of the Silent Planet, he was going to read The Man Who Was Thursday.

Then I worked on Algebra and Henle Latin with him (for Latin, we are reviewing last year's lessons quickly in order to make sure the past declensions are clear in his mind).

Then he went off to do his "weeklies" (chore rotation).

We still have religion, science and history to add, plus logic, but so far things seem to be going pretty well.


I made a book change for Kieron in math. When I looked at Saxon 76 I remembered how tired I get of Saxon after a year. We usually do Saxon 65 and that's about enough of the incremental approach for me. Kieron also was not looking forward to it. So I remembered I had the old MCP Math F that I had used with Clare. It's not a high level math program but it is solid, I believe. This one looked much better to Kieron and so we got math off to a start today.

He also did Greek, and is now doing Henle Latin and Nature Study with Clare (bless older siblings!). She is having him draw a bird, with good results. Later on in the month I will photo some of his work.

I keep forgetting to start the morning with a prayer. This first week is always about slowly introducing new books and methods, and making notes of what is slipping.


He did lesson 16 of 100EZ Lessons.
And a bit of coloring in his math book.
He "cooked" with his playdough which he has been doing every morning while I make breakfast.


He is on lesson 7 of 100EZ and really skating, though he has the attention span of a water strider. Well, he is only 4, but he is like Clare ..... SO ready to start decoding.

He also wanted to "do math" so we talked about smaller and larger, same and different, and did some simple picture based adding.

Note: I want to bring out the Parent/Child masterpieces and also the Audobon bird postcards I bought last year, so they can both play matching games.

(Another Note: I usually don't mention Liam or Brendan or Clare in this chronicle because L & B are graduated and Clare, does most of her things independently and keeps her own records. Liam is starting his junior year at Thomas Aquinas College. Brendan is working part time and continuing his reading and writing -- right now he is reading The Rise and Fall of the Communist Revolution. I'll probably incidentally mention things that the older ones are doing that seem to trickle down to the rest of the family, because I do notice that part of a learning environment consists of what the rest of the family is doing, even if a particular child is not actively involved in a given experience).

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