Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogging as a Product?

I am a lot like Molly describes herself. Even to the lapbook -phobia. When I think calmly about why I can't do lapbooks, it comes down to (1) my slight weakness in executive function, ie, details. (2) the fact that lapbooks have that schooly feeling to me. I think the second item is a mis-categorization. I think I am imagining some bright twaddly classroom where all the kids have to cut out, fold and glue the same (educational) thing. Probably, if we really did one we would have fun (see, just talking about it helps me let go a bit).

For my the lapbook-phobia even extends to "notebooking" and for the same reasons. I think there are legitimately people who aren't very rewarded by "products" -- see Apple Star's post on The Death of Show Me Work.

And again, there is that executive function difficulty. What's the best way to organize a notebook? What if we do it and realize we wanted it different? I get paralyzed.

Anyway, I was thinking that blogging might be a solution to this. For me, it's been a good way to try things out and rearrange them in different ways without a fixed, solid result --which is a plus for me.

Right now I am just taking pictures of things that get done. ... and jotting notes about it on here. But I was thinking of asking Kieron to start his own blog for the specific purpose of recording learning. He might like the idea.... or might not. But it's a possibility.

I was thinking that it would be a lot easier to take photos and write descriptions of things in e-form, and then we would have the option of printing it off if we wanted to. Anyway, just some ponderings -- this is my place for pondering as well as writing down what we actually did!


  1. I am kind of a "product" oriented person (I love the idea of creating papers, notebooks, lapbooks, etc.) - but my kids? Not so much. I have been satisfying my need to "show our work," create a tangible product, and use my organizational skills by keeping a home school record book and blog, and by scrapbooking about our learning endeavors.

  2. I guess that's what I do too, Steph, now that you mention it : )