Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Learning Log -- Tuesday

Sorry if this keeps appearing in bloglines or readers. I keep thinking of things to add. In future I'll keep them as a draft till the end of the day, and then publish.


  • Clare practiced Pirates of the Caribbean on the violin.
  • Liam practiced classical guitar (doing it now)
  • Clare practicing classical guitar, and singing.
  • Aidan playing on keyboard (I've asked Clare to try to teach him a bit of piano this year -- we'll see)


  • Paddy -- Rapunzel, There's No Such THing as a Dragon, Miss Suzy, The Amazing Bone.
  • Extension -- he wanted to "do school" so we picked out words on the title page of the last book.
  • Aidan -- played with V Tech phonics.


  • Lake
  • Sean -- football camp (he's there now)

Home Arts:

  • We baked peanut butter cookies
  • Paddy helped me cut open sauce packets for spring rolls (then wanted to cut construction paper for a while, which turned into.....)


  • Teaching Kieron how to make paper boats.
  • I made boats and airplanes for Paddy.


  • Liam and I talked about stories we are reading/writing.
  • Brendan talked about Chronicle of 20th century book he was browsing through.
  • Paddy talked about God and asked Him to give him a baby brother or sister (then said expectantly, "Now where IS it?")
  • Kieron talked to me about his plans for meeting his friends at homeschool Stations this Friday -- we haven't gotten to go since before we went to Ireland -- about a month -- so he is looking forward to it.

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