Sunday, June 03, 2007

Themes and Planning

Faith at Dumb Ox Academy has put up a theme-oriented planning post for her 8 year old. That made me go look around for a Waldorf list of themes. I did find this Waldorf Homeschool site that I want to note so that I can look at it later when I have access to my printer.

I often used to use the Core Knowledge units as a basis for my homeschool plans. Basically that stopped when Aidan was born and I no longer had any sort of time to plan activities etc.

This is about Aidan and Paddy next year. Aidan could really use some exploration of themes, now, I think. Paddy could coast along for the ride. I think that with Aidan it makes more sense to pick up on a theme and keep presenting it in different ways, than to go through a literary book when his attention span is not yet there for more complex language.

Ideally I could get Kieron involved in some aspects of it. He’s a lot more advanced than they are but I could see him having fun as a teacher’s helper and also consolidating some skills on his own.

We’ll see — just rambling right now. You would think that after 15 years I would have it all down, but circumstances and personalities change so much from year to year!