Thursday, May 24, 2007

Week's Summary

I kept a few notes while HSJ was down, and am adding them now with an edited timestamp just to have them all in the same place.

Playing games: Swap, Hit the Deck, Robot Rally.

Evenings have been particularly nice: pattern of cleaning up, playing board or card games, kids playing musical instruments, then get littlies ready for bed, Rosary, and read until time to sleep. The only thing missing is read alouds — I have been dropping those out again. I need to go dig up a new supply for Paddy.

Liam seems more relaxed these days. He has the idea of doing a role playing game using my story from last year.

After a busy week — going to town almost every day — we are scaling back. Difficult to believe that we only brought Liam back Sunday before last — eight days Since then:

Monday, we took Aidan to the orthopedist. He has a new DAFO now. –120 miles

Tuesday was a T ball game (local though so not as difficult) — 20 miles

Wednesday, nothing

Thursday, Kevin and Paddy and others at dress rehearsal in town — 120 miles

Friday, family get together in town — 120 miles

Saturday, wedding in town (oh, and T ball game in the morning) — 160 miles

Sunday, Mass in town — 120 miles

Monday, PT appointment for Aidan in town — 130 miles

Kevin taking Sean to Edison to see practice;yes, in town — 120 miles

, T-ball banquet down in the foothills. — 40 miles

and so on. Almost every day something has been going on. Total: 970 miles give or take a few, in ten days. Fortunately, not every week is like this, or we would have to start buying carbon offsets like Al Gore. The vast majority of these are rather unavoidable (she says, avoiding eye contact and feeling strong twinges of guilt)