Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 66 -- Switching to Summer Mode

I am trying to move into project mode for summer. Today I went through the big box of papers — schoolwork, internet print-outs, notebooks and so on — which I normally keep in a big box under my office table. It took most of the morning, while I sat with the teens and listened to them talk about the Jane Eyre movies and various other things.

Then we went for a walk before lunch, which has been a recent habit. I hope we can keep it up. I put pictures on my other blog.

Then I cut Liam’s hair.

This afternoon Kevin is taking Paddy and Clare to their cousin’s wedding rehearsal. Which will be nice for Aidan, because Aidan and Paddy haven’t been getting along at all. I know what I have to do. I have to keep one or both of them close to me all the time so I can cut off the altercations before they properly get started. But I haven’t been able to move myself into yellow alert mode yet. That seems to be one drawback of being an older mom. Dealt with all this so many, many times before: it’s boring! But here’s the thing; it’s all new to this particular set of kids, so I can’t just let it go like that.

This evening we’ll probably finish the Monopoly game — it’s a fun way to spend time with the boys. Right now Liam and I are on the top, but the cash-poor Kieron has Broadway and Park Place, so if he can keep from going under he has a prospect of beating us out. Sean is just maintaining. He took over Paddy’s hand and doesn’t want to develop any properties, so he is just maintaining.

Ah, this is boring — yawning as I write it. I have been trying to lose a bit of weight and build up some healthy habits, and that is taking over the energetic part of my brain. That’s why I was putting it off for so long. I knew that it would drain everything else out of my mind, and this month it is OK, since we just have a lot of places to zip to and lots of logistical things to do, but no real need for creative energy output. Except for my blogs — which are suffering…. sigh.

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