Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 60

We had a low-key day today. First of all, I had to get up at 5 am, which is early for me, to take Kevin to the airport. He is on a business trip. It is strange not having him here. We all felt it, and as a consequence (Clare noticed) we spent the morning sort of huddling and talking. We hung out in the kitchen; listened to Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly and John Fogerty — Clare and Kieron practicing swing steps. Sean wanted me to make cookies — comfort food. We ended up baking them together and they were butter cookies with frosting. About a million grams of fat and sugar per bite. Clare made spinach fettucine and I made a white sauce. More comfort food I suppose. Aidan watched a Pokemon video (tired because he didn’t nap in the car and therefore was up since 5 am too). Then the kids watched a Jerry Lewis movie. OK! I promised myself I’d record the junk days too! They have their place, don’t they? Today is all about comfort.

No studying. Kieron has been (re)reading the Pathway Readers and Sean has been (re)reading Taggerung. I did read a whole bunch of easy stories to Aidan while Paddy was occupied elsewhere. Aidan and Paddy have been a bit like N/N magnetic poles recently. If Paddy comes in, Aidan zips out.

They did pretty well at Tball yesterday afternoon. I was afraid it would be too much for Aidan. He did seem a bit tired. Fortunately they cut the game short after 2 innings. Now that they are transitioning from the Tee, to coaches pitching — it takes absolutely forever to get through an inning. The coach usually has to pitch about four times and then as often as not they have to end up using the T anyway. So even at two innings the game took almost two hours. You have to be a parent to go through this! It helps to have two on there this year on the same team and not have anyone else playing at a different level. We are not zipping from place to place ceaselessly like we usually are in spring.

Paddy helping Kevin make cinnamon rolls on Saturday.