Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 56

I decided to do today as a photojournal.

am — Sean reading Father Brown while Aidan works on Handwriting:

Then we went for a walk to the ridge:

Still snow on the ground

But a few signs of spring:

Paddy clambering up the ridge — granite, coniferous trees and blue sky — you know you’re in the Sierra National Forest!

Sean followed us up and joined us.

Normal life with a family of boys (see the gun on the left side)

Paddy must have lost the sword battle — he is getting good about dramatic defeats.

Laundry waiting for me when I get back

Later on the little boys and I did Nature and USA floor puzzles.

So, not a bad day. Except that DH and I both have to go to the dentist in the next week Undecided Well, at least I stopped procrastinating and made the appointments.

Oh, and honesty check !– I spent a bit too much time like this today:

I asked Kieron to take the pic to remind me of my priorities — you can see my littlest priority acting up asking for attention right in the front.