Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 54

I put up Aidan’s therapy list on a page. Just in case someone else has a child with hemiplegia and some sensory integration issues : ). I also put a planned daily warm-up routine in there… moving from large motor to fine motor to academics, hoping that motor activation will help with his praxis during the intellectual work. Something I’d like to do sometime is add pictures, as much for my own sake as anything else since pics are easier to “read” quickly in reference to complicated exercises.

Yesterday the boys did math and Latin online and worked on comics — Sean has started using the bionicle kit that Kieron downloaded. But instead of comics, Sean is working on a sort of storyboard. He has been using the Greek and Japanese online dictionaries to find good names for his cities and creatures.

Paddy and Aidan had T-ball practice and we all went, and the boys practiced passing the football and running routes. Paddy and Aidan are definitely getting a few skills though the coach has to keep verbally refocusing Aidan since he spaces out and starts wandering. Paddy has been much more in tune with things though.

Today the boys are doing:

  • Math
  • Latin
  • Greek
  • Story of the Church (Sean)/Bible History (Kieron)

As you can see we are cutting back a bit on formal academics. My plan is to PLAN : ), and keep them on a minimum of these subjects, alternating Faith and Life and the religious history books daily in order to make some serious progress.

They will continue their historical fiction reading lists.

Then at some point, when I have plans for next year scoped out, I will make a kind of plan for spring and summer, probably a more unit-study type of thing.

My other agenda for this summer is literacy immersion for Aidan and Paddy. They LOVE all the educational materials — magnetic letters, math manipulatives, puzzles, workbooks, coloring pages, painting and coloring, nature walks. Whenever I get them out or they chance to pick them up, they are thrilled. So it is rather sad that I am approaching this in a scattershot way. Their intellects need to be nurtured too. So I’d like to put the littlies’ work on the front burner in the next months and get some good habits going (for ME!).