Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 53

After we have been off the academics, it takes a while to phase back in. I used to fret about this when I was first homeschooling, but now take the fact into account and plan for it.

Today the boys are going to do computer Latin and Math, and read their Faith and Life books.

We will do our twice-weekly housekeeping, and Aidan is having occupational therapy.

They get computer time today if they finish their things. So I’m hoping to do a bit of planning. I can’t seem to operate in more than one mode at a time. I have been diving into all these heavy-weight books (just finished Must we All Die? about Alaska and tuberculosis, now reading Introduction to PHilosophy, Newman’s Grammar of Assent, and Hamlet) and having a blast. However, that means the house is a mess. I do a bit here and there and the kids do their part, but it takes focus to keep it in really good shape. And the academics for the kids are sliding. NOW I will have to start getting into academic mode but that means I will not be able to focus on the books. However, it has to be done. THEN I will focus a bit on the house and yard since hopefully spring proper will be there by then.