Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Days 42 - 44

This week has been different from others since we have visitors staying with us this week. Clare is visiting her older brother’s college with a couple of friends, and their family is staying with us.

Sunday we took them to the college.

Monday the kids mostly played. I had Sean do math, Latin and a few readings. We also went on a nice nature walk — 9 kids between the ages of four and 18.

Tuesday there was a sort of March lion day with rain, hail, sleet and finally snow. I took the kids out for a little while but mostly they just played. Sean did math, Latin, Greek and read his Grammar book; he and Kieron also watched 2 episodes of a DVD documentary called Liberty with our visitors.

The kids have been making great use of all our toys — isn’t it funny how visitors can revive an interest in things around the house. They played with our toy animals, did duplos, did Kieron’s Snap Circuits and yesterday played chess. Today they are making puzzles. The toy swords also get lots of use. They get these long complicated pretend games going, and they are doing pretty well with not-escalating battles and solving things verbally.

They watch movies or play video games at certain quieter times of the day but mostly have been too busy to do much of that.

It sounds like Clare and her friends are having a good time at the college. Can’t wait to hear all the details.

I will probably count this as a complete week or maybe a 4-day week because even though the academics are pretty light, they are getting a lot of irreplaceable time .