Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 50

Today turned out to be mostly unschooling. Spring is here, and it’s hard to focus on the books.

Sean did two lessons of math, which brings him up to Book 8’s review and then the test. Then he is done with Key to Algebra (there IS a book 9 and 10 but they aren’t worth doing at this time IMO since we are going to revisit Algebra later).

Kieron did a multiplication drill sheet (orally). He is doing SO much better with automatic recall. Funny how it’s new with every kid — he’s my fifth to finally get there. Sean was the only one who seemed to painlessly acquire arithmetic facts. I have no idea how he did it, but he knew them cold at a fairly early age. Kevin said he knew his time tables in Kindergarten but I think he might be exaggerating (we all do that as we get older : )).

I think in the next week or two we are going to do more of this sort of informal review and evaluation. They usually enjoy things like spelling tests and math reviews and it will give me a chance to start thinking about next year.

Clare says she ought to be finished with Jacob’s by the end of April. She plans to continue various subjects through the summer.
Aidan and Paddy had their first T-ball practice on Friday afternoon. They are SF Giants this year. We’ll see how it goes. Paddy looks so tiny out there swinging a bat and wearing a glove about the size of a winter glove. He paid attention pretty well though; Aidan on the other hand is still in a peripatetic mode (the dictionary tells me that in addition to the “travelling about” meaning, the word pertains to the school of Aristotle, and Aidan does look rather philosophical as he ambles in and out of the doings, with his hands tucked behind his back to help compensate for his uneven gait).

Next week will be eventful: Monday, Clare will be practicing with the organist for Easter mass — Tuesday, Aidan has a PT appointment; Wednesday, Liam is coming home; and then of course we move into the Triduum. I think the little ones have a practice this week, too.

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