Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 48

AH, this day could have almost been a normal day, except that the house is trashed and I am sitting around more than I usually do. But I got the eye patch off and the headaches and vertigo are diminishing.

I made pancakes this morning, and then worked on math with Sean. Then he did:

  • Latin Quia
  • Ways of the Wood Folk
  • Plutarch (Themistocles)
  • History of English Literature
  • Drawing
  • Logic (read chapter 2)
  • I asked him to write a narration on one of the readings and he did — one sentence ;-). Well, there’s the baseline, anyway. This spring is all about trying to think about high school for him, and what style of work “works” best for him. I’m going to try him in Henle and see how he does. He is a different type than my other kids. Likes concrete assignments better than the freeflowing kind. Liam was a bit that way too, but Sean is more practical while Liam was more conceptual. I think he might actually appreciate a writing rubric (Sean, that is) while Brendan and Clare would have found that simply deadening. They both are effective writers in spite of it though, and that’s what I want ultimately for Sean.

He is starting to be more invested in that for his own reasons, too, so it’s a collaborative learning type thing. But obviously he’s not that invested in eloquent nature narrations : ).

After Sean finished his work with me, I helped Clare on math. Then we all sat around and talked and talked about college. Didn’t get the house any cleaner, but I count that sort of thing, DEFINITELY, as part of our educational core.

I wrote out an assignment sheet for Kieron but I don’t think he has gotten to it. He still needs my energy to get him moving, and I don’t have energy to spare, still.

Kieron played Duplos all morning with Paddy, and wrote a few messages on his message board.