Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 40


  • Math — rise over run clicked and now he’s zipping again.
  • Latin — Quia
  • A catechism worksheet on the Apostles Creed.
  • Greek
  • Ways of the Wood Folk
  • Drew a picture of a Morganser (he was telling me that it was hard to narrate a sort of meandering natural history book like the one above and I thought he had a point, so I asked him to draw the picture of the water fowl because I thought that might help him slow down and read with full attention).
  • Landscape with Dragons (he doesn’t seem to be getting too much out of this but he doesn’t mind reading it and it’s a short work so we’ll keep going as a bit of a stretch)

I think that was all?


  • Math — 2 more lessons (we’ve settled into a habit of doing 2 lessons at a time, about 3 days a week, at least until it gets a bit harder, and saving the other days for drill — I know Saxon says not to skip any of the problems but I feel comfortable about passing over the ones that are too easy or that are repetitious — long division and large multiplications — we are surveying them now and I plan to focus on his basic arithmetic operations in the summer).
  • Greek
  • Drawing Textbook (he loves this one)
  • Seabird (up to chapter 11)
  • Archimedes (chapter 2) — we are going slowly.
  • He read John Bosco independently and also A City Through the Ages. He also consulted an Usborne Picture Atlas for visualization of the world Archimedes lived in (Syracuse).

We finished up right about 11:30 which is when the OT came. Sean has been writing messages on a message board and asking for my help with spelling and mechanics, but he is getting most of it right on his own. I think he has heard enough from his dad and sister on the importance of correct writing in public forums, so he wants to make sure he gets it right, which is a nice sign of maturity and lets me be consultant rather than director. He appears to have inherited my inclination to post and then read it over and correct typos since this is the second time I’ve come back to edit this for errors, and I’m sure I’m still missing a couple.