Friday, March 02, 2007

Day 31

I am putting a line through the things we didn’t get to (that were listed for this week) and an asterix by the things they read more than once.


  • Kieron worked up through lesson 55 of Saxon 65
  • Sean worked up to page 10 of Key to Algebra

Sean’s Books

  • Our Life in the Church
  • Gospel of Luke
  • Story of the Church * — up to page 150
  • Celtic Heritage Saints *
  • History Reading List — he read Rolf and the Viking Bow, Hakon of Rogen’s Saga and is now reading Otto and the Silver Hand.
  • English Literature
  • Bulfinch’s Legends of Chivalry * — he’s up to chapter 14, page 81
  • Insect World -- decided to replace this with Way s of the Wood Folk
  • Brendan Voyage
  • Penny Candy
  • Joyful Mysteries

Notes for Sean:

  • I gave him the spiral to keep track of the rest of the year.
  • I am going to brainstorm writing process for him as he goes into 9th grade. He is not really a reluctant writer but it isn’t his favorite thing to do either. I’d like him to gain some fluency and a toolbox of skills. Writing is something we’ve done mostly on an unschooling basis with all the kids — so far so good. Informal writing in the early grades and then some “how to” books and targeted practice in the high school years, depending on their strengths and weaknesses.

Kieron’s Books

  • Credo I Believe
  • Bible History *
  • St John Bosco *
  • Story of the Romans *
  • from the Ancient History booklist read 3 more Carolyn Lawrence books
  • Galen — replaced with Archimedes
  • Seabird
  • Faerie Queen *

Notes for Kieron:

  • Needs some more work with handwriting fluency.
  • Planning to start a notebook with him next week. I think it would be best to do this individually with him rather than in group with Sean since they are so different.
  • Something that is working well with him is something I used to do with the olders when they were that age: Have a sort of “catchall” session where we work informally on different skills or memory work. For example, we are progressing through the ASL alphabet and some Greek and Latin roots and consolidating the times tables in this way.


  • Ireland — DK World Geography
  • Liturgical Year — Lenten practices.

Both: In addition to daily Math and Latin

  • Greek (both *)
  • Drawing
    Logic (Sean)
    ASL (Kieron *)
  • Latin Proverb or other
    History Cards
    Root Cards
    Picture Cards

    Music *(Gregorian chant, Irish folk music)
  • Life Skills *(shoveling and housework)
  • Outdoors/Activity * — hikes through the snow, playing in the snow.


  • focused this week on phonics and art cards.


  • Duplo construction
  • Ad lib phonics
  • Reading Aloud: Favorites this week are Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett, Hans in Luck by Paul Galdone, Keeper of the Gardens by (??) and Greedy Man in the Moon (Chinese folk tale).

Habits worked on this week:

  • Littlies: Picking up after self and at the end of the day
  • Olders: Streamlined morning routine
  • Various little Lenten practices.