Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day 23

Thanks everyone for the good wishes for recovery. Yesterday I was still sick, but today I’m feeling a bit better. No one else seems to have whatever it is, at least not yet!

Quick run-down:

Sean –

  • Math
  • Latin
  • Started Greek
  • Story of the Church — oral narration
  • Celtic Heritage Saints — St Patrick


  • Math lessons 43-44
  • Latin
  • Greek — several pages (this is easy stuff — oh that reminds me, Faith, you asked a question about Hey Andrew !)
  • Story of the Romans — we are up to Romulus and Remus — he asks to narrate in Sean’s room so no one can hear him — but then he does very well. He covers every point in order and uses strong, correct language. Since this book didn’t go into details about their quarrel he said, “I’ll tell it the REAL way,” and then added the details about the wall and jumping over it.
  • Bible History — actually SEan was listening to this and got involved in the discussion, which made it livelier to say the least. Maybe I should plan to read it to both of them??
  • St John Bosco — next chapter. He did not want to narrate this. I can sort of see why because it’s written in novel form. The “terse, vivid” Roman-type stories are much easier to reproduce in oral language. So we discussed it a bit rather than narrating. Charlotte Mason says that discussion should take place AFTER narration but my operating assumption here is that the dynamics are a bit different in the homeschool. We interact much more synergistically than a teacher can with a classroom of children.

That was it — then I basically crawled into my room. Kevin took Brendan into town to get him a photo ID (prerequisite to getting a passport — this passport thing is a hassle!) and to get his own birth certificate notarized. They did some shopping . Including a new coffeemaker! we needed it — the old one is sort of jerry-rigged and reminds me of an evil goblin sitting in the kitchen waiting for some new way to cause trouble.

So we had our free day a day early…. ie screen time. I read David Copperfield. Daughter asked me to. Good book! I hardly ever read fiction except on holidays and sick days because I get too wrapped up in it and don’t want to do anything else!

Habit we are working on: doing morning routine BEFORE getting involved in play. This is an annoyance trigger for me.

I notice that my 11 year old consistently has more to do in terms of readings and so on. But my 14yo’s math does take longer and is more difficult stuff for him. Still, I will eventually be turning my attention on the situation.