Thursday, January 25, 2007

Therapy Thursday

Visit from Hawaii Elks OT, JL:

What Happened:

  • Wilbarger brushing and massage with lotion (for sensory integration)
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy – focusing on 4th ventricle to encourage CSF flow.
  • She showed me how to do this daily.
  • Trying to walk on pails…. neither Aidan nor Paddy could do this.
  • Bouncing on trampoline in squatted position — “being a frog”– easy for Paddy, difficult for Aidan.
  • Doing a simple maze with a vibrating ball point pen — for coordination, visual perception and sensory integration
  • Eating Froot Loops with left hand — difficult coordination feat for Aidan (who is hemiplegic) but fun since he loves Froot Loops and hasn’t had one for a long time.

The OT usually tries to include Paddy in order to increase Aidan’s motivation and provide modelling by example back and forth.


  • Try the daily cranio sacral routine.
  • She left balance boards which the little ones enjoyed and tried right away.
  • I asked her what she thought of Brain Gym and she was enthusiastic. I am thinking about doing daily warm-up exercises in the am before we start homeschool. They seem fun and harmless and it would be nice if they helped a bit.
  • Paddy liked the simple mazes so perhaps I should dig through the curriculum closet and see if I can find him something like that to do.