Monday, January 29, 2007

Day 11

Yesterday we drove down south to visit Liam. This is a 500 mile round trip so it takes a bit out of us. Worth it though.

Family teamwork and conversation:comes into play as we keep little ones entertained during the travel hours, drive through snow and rain and ice, modify our plans because of the rain, unload the car in a bitter snowy night at 10pm when we return, and so on.

Musical education: listening to Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones, Bruce Cockburn, Neil Young, Louis Armstrong, Joni Mitchell, Christy Moore and other Irish folk singers. Cultural Literacy: Jack Benny and Dragnet : ).

Outdoor Time and physical activity: The whole day outdoors in the beautiful TAC environment. Football on the field and hiking in the spectacular rain forest.

Story Society Meeting: Accomplished and went well : ).

Today I’m writing the log in advance so to speak. Monday mornings have a definite routine — light “mechanical” academics, housecleaning, and “free” computer time. I catch up on organizing and putting away (even more so when we’ve been on a trip!) and on laundry, and some planning . Today we will also probably go to the library and we will have to all pitch in and shovel the deck since we got quite a bit of snow while we were gone.

So– back to getting house and hearth in order and letting the guys take over the computer.

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