Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kieron's Goals

Example: notes for Francis (this I'll eventually move to the Notebook) for 5th grade

  1. Math: Saxon 65
  2. Latin/Greek: LC1, HA #1
  3. Catholic Faith: Faith and Life
  4. History: Famous Men of Rome, American Stories
  5. Nature Study: use Investigating God's World as spine
  6. Progym: CW Aesop, WRTR
  7. Arts & Electives:

  • handwriting comfort and fluency
  • independent work in Saxon
  • continuing refinement in reading skills and range
  • spelling comfort and competence
  • read widely and focus on a few (read alouds)
  • nature projects, experiments and field trips
  • poems memorized
  • knowledge of doctrine and devotions
  • "cultural literacy" in Catholicism -- stories of saints
  • good use of independent time
  • start piano lesson.

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